To win in IoT requires an understanding of wider Digital Transformation

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An exclusive report for IoTHINGS Milan 2020
by Matt Hatton, Managing Partner, Transforma Insights

IoT implementations typically involve much more than just IoT, including requirements for AI, Edge Computing, Data Exchange and other key technologies. Buyers of IoT must understand their IoT project needs and seek vendors who can support the full suite of requirements. Vendors of IoT solutions need to build, borrow or buy the capabilities needed in a client’s ‘IoT’ solution.

The concept of the Internet of Things has been circulating for about a decade, combining a host of different device, platform and connectivity technologies, a huge variety of connected devices from smart meters to kettles and wind-turbines to production lines, and a wide range of use cases including remote monitoring, process control and ‘as-a-service’ business models. The value associated with these activities is enormous and we are still only in the early days of realising it. Predictions of tens of billions
of connected devices have yet to materialise, but the use cases are so compelling that it is likely only a matter of time.

One factor holding back the adoption of IoT is the lack of joined-up thinking when it comes to supporting the full set of a client’s requirements. For instance, it is impossible to consider IoT in isolation from a wider set of technologies that sit under the umbrella of ‘Digital Transformation’. This report, compiled by technology industry analyst firm Transforma Insights, examines the position of IoT in a wider ecosystem of technologies, use cases and business processes and why anyone looking at IoT must also
understand Digital Transformation.

… to be continued